Team Work


We are all connected to each other with the links of humanity whether it is in life that we live or the job that we do. By himself even the greatest genius cannot achieve an objective that needs many tasks requiring different skills to be done simultaneously.

Successful entrepreneurs therefore recognize the importance of providing an inspiring leadership to their team to move forward together in achieving their common goals.

It is interesting to study how teams are made, what should be their attributes and why they are crucial to the success of entrepreneurs in this competitive global environment.


Teamwork is a cooperative way of working of a group of people with a common resources, process and objectives.

It is the people who are resource that drives all other resources like machinery, money, materials and people get together to work in an organization as teams.

The team and the entrepreneur are complimentary to each others success or even existence. In order to achieve what the entrepreneur sets out to do the people who perform different functions assigned to them have to work in unison as one to be able to achieve synchronization of energies like the orchestra. Otherwise their individual effort will not fructify into a pleasant harmony.

Team Leadership

The entrepreneur must be recognized as a natural leader who must have qualities the team members can look up to and want to emulate. Leadership is earning respect and admiration by making sacrifices and sharing with the team.

The entrepreneur has to be a leader to carry the team with him to meet the objectives. This inability is unfortunately the reason of failure of most of the companies.

A New World

The advancement of information and communication technology and the pressure of performance in a globalized world have changed the way we work. In earlier days knowledge was limited to managers who were at the apex of decision making pyramid and others stood by to carry out instructions. Organizations which function in this style have long since gone under or are in the process of doing so.

The customer can no longer wait because he can always get what he wants faster, cheaper and better from a competitor. Entrepreneurs realize that success is not possible unless the whole organization, its suppliers, transporters, contractors and subcontractors act in unison like an agile value chain with global reach and ability to strike accurately with speed to deliver satisfaction to the customer. So the need for teamwork isn’t only within the organization but beyond it if the competitor is not to be allowed to take away the market share.

Teams flourish with diversity of skills and personalities and when people use their strengths and compensate for each other’s weaknesses, when different personality types balance and complement each other.

Trust is built by sacrifice and setting examples, openness and honesty. Loyalty is a two way process. Teams should be empowered to show real trust.


Mass closure of businesses all over the world in the wake of globalization has left no one in doubt that new ways of doing business will have to be adopted for thriving in a business. Companies have to undergo a massive cultural change and start working in teams in a matrix cross functional reporting structure rather than the hieratical structure.

Entrepreneurs who move with their team and other value chain partners in unison to make a powerful association to serve the customer fast, with good quality and cheap rates will meet success. The others will keep struggling with wasting their energies fighting each other for gains that their competitors would already have taken away.

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