Purpose and Principles

Purpose is important in your life because it defines the very reason of your existence. People have to discover for themselves and define the purpose in order to make a plan to achieve the purpose. It constantly evolves or gets refined as you go through the journey of life. Guiding principles are the foundation based on which the purpose is achieved.

Online business dictionary defines guiding principles as “Any principles or precepts that guide an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work, or the top management.”

Organisations have lofty vision and mission statement prominently displayed but seldom followed in practice. So also in our personal life we swear by principles which we often flount. For the purpose and guiding principles to have a true meaning, they have to come from an inner voice of sincerity.

Guiding principles are timeless as they imbibe the values on which organisations and civilisations are based. Circumstances change, people change but the guiding principles that form the basis of a culture are carried forward by principled people.

The success of an organisation depends to a large extent upon the principles followed. Good principles form a bond between people and give them a feeling of well being and pride in achievement. It motivates them. It imbibes in people a sense of responsibility and initiative and builds trust throughout the organisation.

On the other hand an organisation with constantly shifting principles to suit their immediate short term gains doesn’t win either loyalty from customers or employees and is doomed to failure. Guiding principles should be appropriate, reasonable, and consistent and should find a central place in an organisation. They should be understood and respected by all as they are meaningless without the people to understand and implement them.

The corporate path to success is strewn with the ruins of organisations where greed overtook public good and there was betrayal of faith.

These were the organisations which lost their purpose and guiding principles.

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