Management and Objectives

Effective management and supervision are needed in our efforts to achieve the goals or objectives we have set for ourselves.

There is however a difference between management and supervision though both functions help us to reach our goals more effectively. Put simply, supervision is the direction of people at work and management has more to do with the planning and control of the business process.

Supervision consists of assigning tasks to workers to be done effectively in assigned time making best use of resources provided to accomplish at high productivity levels. In order to do this the supervisor has to give clear and specific instructions, monitor the workers during the process and fix specific responsibility and accountability.

While supervisory work is more tactical at the execution level the management work has more to do with strategy and conceptualisation. Management sets goals, plans to achieve those goals, monitors the process including effective use of resources of men, materials, machinery and money to serve the market and the consumer and takes corrective steps when needed to stay on course on the path to achieve the goals. It is about creating value for the shareholders of the company.

Both the management and the supervisors work towards improving the performance of the company and its march towards the goals they have set for themselves.

By working smarter they can bring about dramatic improvements I profits, growth and harmony without having to make heavy additional investments in resources.

Both are concerned with ethical practices, customer focus, knowledge management, training the workforce, performance appraisal, delegation, motivation, communication, improving quality.

There is a misconception that the supervisors should have inner within company focus, deal more with production and execution with an eye of productivity and quality and need to have information only related to these functions. Nothing could be farther from truth.

The supervisor and his workers in today’s world of intense competition and increasing customer expectations must be as much focused towards the customer, understanding clearly which action of the supervisor and workers on the shop floor affects the customer in which manner.

The lines between the supervisor and his manger are getting blurred as information is shared across the organisation and visibility of the business value chain is improved.

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