Revise your Goals Daily

Setting goals is not a one time job but an ongoing process where we constantly evaluate our goals, monitor our progress towards the goal, review and revise daily.

Just like aiming a precision missile at a target we have to go on evaluating how much off course our trajectory is and go on continuously doing mid course corrections.

In our personal life or career we need to do just that and translate our daily review of goals into action. These action steps are then entered into a calendar for us to act upon on a daily basis.

This takes us out of the realm of armchair goal setting and guesswork into real world of action. We need to ask ourselves daily what we need to do to bring yourself closer to your goal and correct the speed and direction of our trajectory.

If there are no goals even a big business can collapse as resources will be wasted in drifting without direction and wrong decisions will be taken. With no yardstick to measure success there will be no way to find out how much off course the business is going. It is therefore essential not only to set business goals but also to measure and revise them on a daily basis.

Revising our goals daily gives us control over our lives and the confidence that we can achieve success. This optimism goes a long way in contributing to our success.

Motivation and enthusiasm is necessary to keep us moving forward towards our objective. If we just set goals and forget about them we are not likely to achieve success. Continuous evaluation keeps us motivated.

Only when we revise or review our goals daily can we know off successes or failures in the small steps that our long term long has been broken down too.

Reviewing our goals daily helps us to prepare a to do list and keep it foremost in our mind.

Successful people are known to have their goals always in their full view and under constant monitoring and revision. Keeping the above tips in mind will go a long way to achieve success and happiness in our life.

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