Productivity in its simplest form means getting the maximum output with minimum time and resources.

Here are some tips on increasing productivity in your personal life and career:

  • Getting organized: Lot of time and energy is wasted if we are not organised and are in a chaotic state. If our desk is cluttered, we do not know where we have filed what data and where things are at our home it is sure sign of being disorganised.
  • Time management: Since time is an essential component of productivity managing time effectively is important. Managing time is doing what is important to you and letting go of those activities that take your time and energy and don’t contribute to achieving your goals.
  • Staying in control: Productivity is enhanced if we are cool and composed even in the most chaotic situations as losing control reduces efficiency.
  • Decision making: Inability to take decisions when required leads not only to delay in achieving our objectives but also to problems from which it is often difficult to come out.
  • Too much too soon: Success comes by taking one step at a time. If we try to do too many things too fast, we have often to rework to correct our mistakes. This reduces our productivity substantially.
  • Getting the correct perspective: When you feel overwhelmed with the situation it is best to stop, step back, rethink, replan and move one step at a time with skill and clarity.
  • Prioritise: Your must know which activities are important to you in achieving your objectives so that you can focus on them and eliminate those which do not improve your productivity.
  • Focus: High productivity can be achieved only when we are highly focused towards achieving our goals. If we are half hearted in our approach and do not have sufficient passion in what we are doing we will do a low productivity job.

Human productivity has more to do with being organised and motivated rather than just managing to get maximum output in minimum time. Following the above tips should help in increasing productivity for faster and easier achievement of goals.

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