Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on making changes in a specific area in our lives that we have determined is important enough to warrant our time and attention. To help the life coaching process succeed with greater ease, there are various techniques we could take on board and apply, which work very well when working with a life coach.

These principles apply whether the area of choice for change is a life-matter such as improving relationships or making a major decision, or whether the area to be focused on is a business matter, such as changing careers, confidence with public speaking or improving communication skills.

Here are some techniques to make coaching work.

  • Let the Clients be Responsible for Their Actions: Your clients may be made aware that they alone are responsible for enhancement of their career and making the plan work. A coach can at best guide but they themselves have to be the driving force behind their change. If they stray from an agreed plan, their accountability may quickly be established to bring them back to course.
  • Remedy of Reinforcement: Each correct move of the clients may be appreciated with “you are doing good” or “nice job” and they may subtly be made aware of inaction without rubbing it in. This gives the clients self confidence. Reinforcement is a great way of staying the course. However, what exactly constitutes right action or behaviour may be clearly defined and well understood.
  • Change of State of Mind: Perhaps one of most important techniques is to motivate the clients into a state of mind that they begin to genuinely feel that they are action oriented persons. The optimistic mind comes with a positive outlook and recounting successes whether they are of the client or someone else’s and not by brooding on failures. Success and motivational stories are said to have tremendous impact on clients.
  • Live Action Plan with Milestones: It may be a good idea for them to have an action plan or a game plan where each activity and milestone on the path to success is defined. It keeps the focus and direction clear and helps taking one step at a time and crossing milestones as the clients move forward.

Knowledge and Belief in Consequences of Action and Inaction

It may be important to know the “why” of the change process in what will be the gain or positive outcome of the efforts undertaken. It is equally important to know the consequences that will happen if the efforts fall short of expectation. Knowledge of consequences and being convinced of their outcome is a great driving force.

Success of life coaching depends often on clarity of objectives, understanding and following these time tested techniques.

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