Career Goals

Career goals or objectives are the intended results of efforts. Career plays a very important role in our life not only in bringing us material gains but also in giving us satisfaction of doing something good and giving us a sense of identity. Setting career goals is an important prerequisite to success because only when you know where you are and where you want to reach you will know what efforts to put in which direction to reach there.

Here are ten tremendous gains in setting career goals:

  1. It helps you to achieve your true potential.
  2. Your mindset undergoes a change as you begin to think about what you want from your career and life.
  3. You learn to persevere in pursuit of your objectives
  4. You begin to realize that your destiny is more of your own making and less of being lucky.
  5. You begin to be selective about where you should invest your time and energy. You get more focused instead of drifting aimlessly and become a source of inspiration to others.
  6. It makes you confident and motivates you as you achieve success. You begin to have a positive outlook so essential for success.
  7. You realize early that big gains consist of many small steps in the process and learn to take failure as well as success in your steps.
  8. Making early in life career plans helps you to stay ahead of the competition.
  9. Since you measure the progress of your movement towards your goals, you come to know early which goals not to pursue and end up selecting the goals which are most appropriate for you to succeed.
  10. Career planning builds trust and confidence not only in yourself but also in the people who matter in your path to progress.

Setting career goals gives you motivation, confidence, growth as a human being, a positive attitude and brings success and happiness into your life. It makes the essential difference between losers and winners.

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