Removing Roadblocks

Roadblock is a hurdle in the way of your progress in reaching our goal. In life, everyone meets personal and professional roadblocks, which may be financial, physical, emotional, or discrimination of gender, class, or race. At times you are your own biggest roadblocks, if you allow your fears and self-doubt to come in the way of your success.

You need to remove the roadblocks as early as possible to achieve your personal goals in life. Unfortunately, most people give up early as they feel they cannot overcome the challenges to achieve their goals.

No one has a magical formula to deal with roadblocks, but you can adopt and implement some good practices when you are encountered with roadblocks.

Here are a few tips to remove roadblocks:

  1. Believe in yourself: The first step to conquering roadblocks s is to realize that the answer lies within you. Maturity and experience will give you the confidence that you can overcome any impediment.
  2. Seeking help from others: Do not hesitate to seek help from the others. Guidance and support from friends, and relatives is very important rather than removing the obstacles all alone.
  3. Identify your Doubts: “Doubt” is the culprit that stops people from taking action and achieving their goals. And doubt exists because people don’t believe that they can remove their roadblocks. So in order to overcome your roadblocks, first you need to remove or replace your “doubts” with “optimism”.
  4. Know your priorities: You need to set certain priorities and plan for it before pursuing it and take appropriate actions.
  5. Getting early participation of people: It is important to associate the team members with the goals and the constraints early in the project so that they feel a part of the team and are involved in the process rather than engaging them from case to case.
  6. Common Vision and Passion: A good leader makes his team speak with one voice and vision and there is a shared passion in the team.
  7. Communicate: Why, what and how of the changes expected to achieve the goals should be clear to all members if they are not to become roadblocks to progress.
  8. Incentives Remove Roadblocks: Incentives need not necessarily be monetary. Recognition and encouragement are great motivators.
  9. Know where You Stand: In order to overcome hurdles to progress you must know where you stand. Only then you will know the distance you have to cover to where you have to reach.

If you try to change the culture of an organization overnight you will not succeed. You should also have tools to measure your success.

A roadblock won’t change itself or go away unless you do something about it. You should take timely actions before things get worst. “Difficulties increase the nearer we approach our goal. said the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

These are only a few of many ways to overcome roadblocks to success. Each situation demands a different solution but if you follow these tips it will take you a long way on your path to meet your goals.

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