Organising for Success

To organise is to put together into an orderly, functional, structured whole, to arrange in a coherent form. Being organised is a prerequisite to success. It is alignment of energies to an orderly state of minimum chaos to achieve your goals. You may have great skills and confidence or you may be a genius but being disorganised is frittering away your energies in working at cross purposes to yourself.

How do you organise yourself so that your life goals are realised?

Organise your Time: We all have only 24 hours in a day but we wish we had more! You may plan your personal time and office time separately optimising time utilisation. If you have 10 minutes free in between meetings at office you may want to make an important phone call. The better you organise your personal life, the more efficient will be your output at home or at work. Also analyse when you spend time with no contribution to reaching your goals, so you may put it to better use.

Organise your Tasks: Preparing ‘to-do’ lists for home and work helps you keep both set of goals in clear view.

Writing down even the small tasks makes you confident and in control about getting work done. When jobs are broken down into smaller tasks it gives you a sense of progress and achievement. You begin to start planning for a weekend dinner from Monday itself. You may write the menu on Monday, go shopping on Tuesday and organise your refrigerator through the rest of the week to come out flying colours for the Saturday dinner. Similarly, plan and prepare for an important office meeting.

Organise your Papers: At office, you can remove the clutter from your desk. It will not take more than an hour a week to keep your desk clear of ‘pending’ tasks. You can file and label the files with appropriate titles; throw or give away unwanted things. You may like to organise information on your computer desktop too. Put all information in properly-labelled folders; it helps in information retrieval and increases your efficiency. At home, you may set aside a weekend for paying bills and organising your savings and even planning your breaks and holidays.

‘Organise’ your Thoughts and Emotions: Organising for success starts with oneself. Try to analyse your first success and ask yourself what the determining factors were and whether these factors would be in your control in future endeavours. Similarly, you could perhaps analyse your last failure. Such personal brainstorming helps you organise your thoughts and emotions, enables you to put your anxieties to rest and prepares you to handle future situations better. You may also find it useful to hold a de-briefing session with yourself, colleagues or family after important events - for example, after an eventful meeting or at the end of an unusual day.

Introspection and Inspiration - You may want to maintain a ‘success diary’; reading the entries convinces you of the long course charted by you from where you started. Self-assurance is the best assurance. Ultimately it is about believing in yourself; you need to believe in your dreams to see them come through! Having role models helps; reading about them and their life struggles and how they were overcome, may provide you with the inspiration and motivation to forge ahead in your own life.

There are many ways you can take to move towards the success you seek to get in your life. The tips and suggestions mentioned here are only some of the many ways available to you to attain greater success in your personal or business life.

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