Measuring your Progress

It is well known that you can improve only what you can measure.

The objective of measuring your progress is to ensure that you are moving forward to achieve your goals at a reasonable pace. Constant improvement in performance can be achieved by constantly evaluating yourself and taking midcourse corrective measures in direction and speed to hit the target at bull’s eye. To measure your progress you must have standards of goals you have set out to achieve.

Your personal goal may be to be among the top three of professionals in your industry or to achieve the maximum sales in your field. To make this possible you will need to know the key result areas and how to measure them. You should know where you are, how much more you have yet to go and in which direction.

The goals should be clearly written and visually displayed at a place where you can frequently see them so that you are constantly focused. The key result areas may be tangible like speed you want to achieve, sales, profit or number of customers per day or may intangible like better relationship with friends and family. The intangible one’s are generally close to your heart and you can, measure them on a scale of 1 to 10 by evaluating yourself or taking considered opinion of people who can judge you impartially. It may also be a god idea to measure the results with benchmarks which you think are lofty enough but still possible for you to achieve.

Another way is to conduct a SWOT analysis which is simply listing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in achieving your goals. This again requires an honest self assessment and frank opinion of unbiased people. Then you go about with focus in your strength areas, strengthen your weaknesses and avoid areas where your weakness can compromise your position. With a clear view of your opportunities you know when and where to make a kill and you know how to be wary of the areas which are a threat to you.

If you are aware of the above simple ways to measure your progress you can constantly improve your chances of achieving your goals and get satisfaction in your life and career.

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