Going with the flow

Going with the flow means to do things that need to get done into a logical and trusted system.

Everyone has freedom of action. However some people choose to go against the the flow no matter how easier it is to simply stay with the flow of life. There are various reasons for the choice. Some are influenced by the class of the society, some do it because of habit and some people assume that there is no alternative way.

Tips for Going with Flow:

  • Understanding the fact that you can’t control all: There are things that we cannot control that will affect every aspect of our lives, and we must accept that reality rather than getting frustrated.
  • Awareness: Things in your head cannot be changed if you’re not aware of them. Try to be an observer of your thoughts, self-analyst. It’s good to be aware that you’re becoming upset, so that you can take some actions about it.
  • Relax: Every time when you’re upset or frustrated take a deep breath and time to calm down.
  • Exercise: Skills is an output of practice. So when you first learn to go with the flow, you will mess up. It is alright even if you stumble and fall. Keep on practicing and you will get hold of it.
  • Meditate. Does some meditation, do some deep breathing, and then go over each situation. This kind of review will help you improve your cognitive power.
  • Understand that you you can’t control others: We get annoyed with other people, because they don’t act the way we expect. But we have to realize that it’s their personality type, according to what they feel is right, and they will do what they want. It is not so easy to accept them for who they are but accepting it would help you control your temperament.
  • Accept the changes around you: When you get something you want , you don’t want it to be changed. But accept the fact that it would change. We cannot keep things the way we want them to be. The world is changing and it is part of life.
  • Embrace life as a flow of change: Try perceiving the world as perfect the way it is. It’s mixture of good and bad things and completely perfect. There is beauty in everything around us, if we look at it as perfect.

Conclusion: Every person has the ability to experience constant state of joy. However, sometimes they let their minds rule and thereafter they start committing mistakes. They sometimes do not realize that their inner feeling is the best guiding tools into the state of joy. You will be gently guided towards better life experiences until you achieve complete happiness only if you start paying attention to your feelings rather than applying on your logic.

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