Achieving Goals

People set goals for themselves all the time but most them either just don’t start off or get lost along the way. After many attempts some begin to feel that it is not their cup of tea to set and achieve goals in life or career and begin to drift aimlessly.

Here we will examine what goes into achieving the goals people set for themselves in their lives.

Goals may be short term or long term. Short term goals like wanting to finish a work today may be achievable with a spurt of energy but long term goals need a well thought out strategy.

We have a natural tendency to avoid unpleasant thoughts and actions and have an uncanny way of justifying avoiding them like it is not urgent, it has no immediate consequence and we engage ourselves in some other activities to escape the guilt. We often procrastinate and become lazy rather than act vigorously with determination and willpower to achieve our goals.

The fact is that even the most complex of goals can be broken up into small achievable steps. What you need is a resolve, resources and a plan. The problem comes in the form of using trial and error and random bursts of energy in a hap hazarded manner on what they think matters for achievement rather that strategize, make a plan with resources, make timeline, milestones, measurement methods and tools to monitor progress and carry out midcourse correction. A well thought out system with a set of procedures is necessary for a long term goal to be achieved.

Passion and persistence alone will not suffice.

It is also advantageous to do a SWOT analysis of yourself which is simply getting to know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for achieving your goals to be able to make a successful strategy.

To achieve success you may like to ensure that your goals and specific and not vague, simple and not too complex, something you are passionate about and worth achieving for you.

They should be consistent with your values, which means you should have clarity about what your values are. Your goals should inspire others and gain support and encouragement from your loved ones.

They have to be measurable as what gets measured gets done, rational, written down, shared with family and friends and not with negative people.

The tips given here are based on a long experience of study of people who met success in achieving their goals and more importantly those that didn’t. If you follow them you will find success and happiness in your life as the goals you set for yourself get fulfilled.

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