Project Lists

One of the major reasons why few of us fail to achieve our goals is that there has not been enough effort put in. Most of us are in the habit of making a project list by capturing any thought that comes to our mind. But when it comes to execution, all efforts seem to falter as we find it difficult to sort and categorize those thoughts to make a plan of action. This is an important step towards realization of our goals.

The more we think the more ideas we end up with making our to-do list practically a mammoth task to attend to. Those thoughts and ideas need to be dealt with very effectively to ensure there is no stagnancy to our thoughts.

At the onset when we initially begin to make a project list it is pretty ambiguous in nature. We keep on adding thoughts and ideas and we end up having pile of projects to be attended to. This also makes us be very optimistic about our capabilities to execute them. As a result of which almost all the thoughts in the project list end up in the plan of action for us making it impossible for us to execute.

The burden of a failed project list is too much to bear with and makes us loose the faith in creating a project list as a manual for our work.

The most important thing to remember while making a project list is that only those things that are significant in our lives should be considered. It is human tendency for our needs and desires to be endless. The importance associated to a particular work may also diminish with the passage of time.

Few questions you need to ask to analyze your project list are its timeliness, its importance and the actionables attached to it. We have to bear in mind a very important thought that main need for a project list was because of the need to be organized. The answers to these questions will trim your project list bringing out things that matter to you.

It is very natural to take a look at your project list and feel as if there is no room for any castles in the air. But that’s not true. Your project list could be bifurcated into a current list and a future list where a current list covers the immediate actionables and the future list consists of things you wish to do sometime in your life.

Your current list is the place for your immediate aspirations while future list is for your unconventional ideas. You can go easy with your future list. You need to keep in mind that a future list is not a tool for you to delay your current plan of action. This list also needs a regular review and there are thoughts which need to be moved from the future list to the current list from time to time.

Don’t treat this as a wish-list but fill it up with things which you want to achieve sometime in your life giving it a very pragmatic approach. Your future list is the mirror of your deep hidden desires and wishes which need to be acknowledged to help us derive ways to fulfill them. A frequent scrutiny of our future list helps us generate more fresh ideas for our current execution which rejuvenate us.

Lack of regular analysis of our projects lists could make them a dormant part of our lives not getting the desired results but with proper nurturing the same lists could be powerful means to achieve what we want and plan both our present and future effectively.

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