Personal Growth & Effectiveness

Personal growth and effectiveness starts from within you. Personal growth is believed to be a process that enhances awareness, improves skills and potential and creates human capital to acknowledge your true goals. Personal effectiveness is attained by utilizing most of our talents and potential at our work disposal.

Here are a few tips to achieve personal growth and effectiveness:

Realize What is Important to You

Everyone understands the term success differently. Often we see people following others as their ideal to be successful. They remain ignorant of their own potential. We must disregard other’s views of being successful and look at what we ourselves want from our life and set our goals accordingly. In order to achieve personal success you have to recognize what is truly important to you and start focusing on your key deliverables and results.

Enrich your Awareness

A broadened understanding of yourself and others will enable you to discover and follow the directions to your desired goals. You should be able to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can use your strengths to your benefit in achieving your goals and take corrective measures to strengthen your weak areas which you must first learn to accept. You should also be able to judge where your weakness will let you down and avoid such areas till you have overcome those weaknesses. Constant evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats yourself objectively and taking opinions of people you can trust to be candid and fair will help you in being aware where you stand and what you need to do for personal growth to be effective.

Overcome Resistance

Recognizing that we will have internal resistance to change that we need to overcome is half the battle won. We need to examine the emotional blocks and effects of conditioning by our environment that hold us back and push ourselves to follow the path of reason to achieve our

Manage Your Time and Work

Organizing your time is essential to ensure that you spend your time in activities that contribute to your personal growth and achieving your goal. You will observe that most of your day goes into attending meetings or meaningless activities that make you feel busy but contribute little to your personal growth or achieving your goals. This can easily be corrected.

Strike a Balance

Everyone has a multifaceted personality. We are often torn between what our dominant personality wants us to do and what our small voice tells us to do. There are inner forces and external forces working on us in all directions. The trick is to consciously balance various aspects of your personality bringing out the best in you.

Your inner strength will enhance only when you steer your personal growth in the direction of ethics and what gives you inner satisfaction and happiness in being a good human being. Enhance True Knowledge

Knowledge is the nutrient of growth. Knowledge is basically learning from the experience of others. An open and a questioning mind is essential for knowledge to come in. Humility and acceptance that you need to learn welcomes knowledge. You cannot expect personal growth with an arrogant mind and a ‘know it all’ attitude. You have to learn to listen to others with attention and respect.

Personal growth means different things to different people but if you follow the broad principles mentioned here, your journey to your goals in life and profession will be smoother, faster and happier.

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