The ability by which a person generates something new that is productive, artistic or a valuable solution is creativity. It can be an inborn or inherent quality or can be acquired by effective training to enhance the creative instincts which most people possess to some degree. An example of creativity is the ability to design using available resources to create something that meets a specific challenge.

Over the years scholarly interest in creativity have been the relationship between creativity and intelligence, what processes go on in the mind to give rise to creative activity, whether the personality of people and their sensitivity to emotions has any relationship with their creative ability.

People have tried to relate creativity with mental health of a person. Another question that has often been discussed is whether it is possible to increase creativity through education and training assisted by technology.

Creativity has many advantages like utilization of resources more completely, exploration of new and unconventional ways of solving problems and an increased ability to think outside the box and view the situation outside its present context. On the negative side, the creative people tend to be highly sensitive and prone to stress. They sometimes get depression or bipolar disorder with extreme mood swings and in some cases they even get suicidal.

Different people have different opinion on how to increase creativity. Some tips are mentioned here:


The more you interact with people the more ideas and experience you get of the world around you. Creativity comes from the constantly changes in scenes of knowledge and experience.

Write it down

Flashes of creativity come and go with difficulty in recollecting them later especially with the same intensity as they occurred in the flash of inspiration. It is advisable to note them down immediately for reviewing later.

Have a clear Goal

You must have an objective for being creative; a problem you want to solve, a cause that affects you emotionally, a passion to do something. Define your goals and work towards being creative in achieving them.

Look for the trigger

Most creative people get triggered by some event or activity to have surge of creative energy. To some it may be music, to others scenic landscapes or just anything else. Drugs may seem to enhance creativity but they never do, in fact they damage the brain and make it unable to be creative.

A change of scene

A change of scene brings a surge of new feelings and experiences opening up opportunities for fresh creative thoughts.

Reading and brainstorming

These are treasure troves of ides and great exercises for the brain.

Creativity is the mother of innovation and art. The human brain has this very unique capability which makes us superior to all other animals. It has brought us to our present stage of progress. Of late however, we have realised that in our blind rush to create we have destroyed more. Creativity therefore comes with a responsibility.

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